5 essential things to know about the MBA dissertation format

There are several very important things that you need to know about formatting your MBA dissertation. Perhaps the most important thing that you need to know is that format for MBA dissertations are different to the format for other dissertations! DissertationTeam has more information about it.

  • You can lose points. You may have spent a lot of your precious time planning and crafting you work but unless you follow the very strict guidelines you may find that instead of getting the class A grade that you had worked so hard for, you end up by losing a lot of points because of a technicality rather than collect extra points.
  • Planning. The best way forward is to plan ahead right from the start. This means that when you start you planning at the beginning of your project, you need to think about the end product. Ideally you should think about getting some professional help to edit and proofread your work before you submit it for marking. It is money well spent.
  • A Polished Document. Professional editing and proofreading from an expert in MBA dissertations can enhance your work and give it the final polish that can make your work stand out from other people’s work. Having your work stand out from others for all the right reasons has to be a major plus especially for an MBA.
  • Margins & Stuff. In any professional paper or work produced for a qualification care must be taken to get margins exact; heading have to be the appropriate size and font; bibliographies must be accurate and citations must be appropriately placed. To get all of this just right shows that you are meticulous and reliable.
  • Experience. Although you will have picked up several of the exacting formatting skills during your course, you need to illustrate that you understand what is required from a well presented document that meets the highest level of skills and abilities in organisation and presentation.

At this point remember that this piece of work will be the bench mark of the quality of your work for some years to some as you will be using it as part of your portfolio, so it has to be amazing.