15 great dissertation topics on education for creating an original paper

Choosing a dissertation topic related to education can be difficult. Firstly because there are so many potential subjects that you can write about. Secondly, once you select a subject, you have to ensure that there is enough information available to write a good thesis. If you are struggling to find a good topic, here are some ideas to assist you.

  • The advantages and disadvantages of e-learning in comparison to traditional classroom teaching.
  • The key approaches and concepts for the innovative learning paradigm.
  • How to deal with the dysfunctional students and their negative attitudes towards teachers.
  • A study of special education policies in Europe. How effective are they?
  • How has globalization affected education? What are the current challenges and trends?
  • A discussion of new teaching methods within formal education. What are the possible complications and issues?
  • The current problems with career guidance in high schools and how to make improvements.
  • How are social networking tools beneficial for informal learning?
  • Discuss lifelong learning and the most effective ways of doing so.
  • Discuss ways to create a learning environment that will inspire students to do their best.
  • A comparison of education standards in rural and urban communities.
  • Race and education, are ethnic minorities disadvantaged in the education system.
  • Class and education. Are lower classes at a disadvantage in the education system?
  • A discussion of the most effective teaching skills
  • What are the benefits of teaching life skills in schools?

The topics mentioned raise a number of important questions. You will find an abundance of research devoted to these subjects. Prior to starting your literature review, it is recommended that your topic is approved by your tutor. Your supervisor will help you to identify the aspects of your topic that are the most important and interesting to the board who will be marking it. They will also provide you with a list of the most effective resources to help you with your studies. Once you start working on your thesis, make sure that you meet with your tutor on a regular basis to ensure that you are on the right track.